cooltext163262606304925I just wanted to welcome you to How To Enjoy Your Games ,here we will discuss different video games past and present and which ones to play and which ones will be a waste of your time.


We will also discuss ways that video games are beneficial to the community and to people who are not able to enjoy some of the opportunities that we have .We will discuss games that have became house hold names and games that have  just disappeared.



I will also have a open forum where you can give suggestions are ask questions that can be answered by others .I will show videos from games that either I played or others have played from the past and the present .


We will also compare different products like game consoles and accessories .we will also give tips and tricks on playing video games, setting up your own stream  and how to monetize them. there is also page that has all the latest games and where to get them.


On this website I will do my best to make sure that I stay up to date and all you have to do is enjoy what you see once  again Welcome


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